Peter Pirsch i USAThis is 1936-37 Pirsch, similar to the one you have.  Itwould likely have a 500gpm Pirsch pump.  They were built in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  It was during the great Depression, so very few were built and sold, most smaller fire departments  ordering a cheaper fire truck built on a commercial truck chassis, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, etc.

Pirsch 100 foot steel aerial ladder truck
This is a 1936-37 Pirsch 100 foot steel aerial ladder truck from Melrose, Mass.  Pirsch pioneered the all steel ladder and built them at their factory in Kenosha,Wisconsin.  The truck carried no pump, but it has about 235 feet of ladders of various sizes in back.  these big truck carried many different kinds of gear for rescue work, in fact the ladder company's first task was saving lives. Pirsch literature refers to these large tractor-tiller trucks as Senior Aerials(the tiller is the back steering wheel to control the back axle which turn to make for smaller turning radius.  Very few were built, but in later years Pirsch was very successful in supplying their all-steel ladder trucks in  many parts of the country.  (Berkeley, California, a few miles from me took delivery of  a new design 1938 Senior Aerial which stayed on the run until the late 1970s.

Pirsch ladder truck with a 65 foot steel ladder

This is a 1937 Pirsch ladder truck with a 65 foot steel ladder of Pirsch design and manufacture.  Controls were mid-mounted and  the ladder was electrically operated.  the front seats could turn so the driver-engineer could sit and control the ladder. In addition to the big ladder the truck carried a full complement of smaller ladders, around 200 feet. It carried no pump.  This truck was located in St.Anthony's Village in Minnesota and was still in service in 1975 and has now been preserved.  In the USA, this type of apparatus is called a Truck Company, while a pumper is called an Engine  Company.Pirsch ladder truck with a 65 foot steel ladder

PIRSCH MOORHEADThis is the style of PIRSCH that was introduced in 1939 to replace the model that you have; it had a 1000gpm pump.  There were many more of these produced, and they could be found in fire departments in most all states.
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